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Dan and Eric talk about Best Buy, Black Friday, Trump, social media, civil war, Gale Sayers, Jim Irsay, Citi, racial wealth gap, credit scores, Xbox, Playstation, Apple Watch, Jeff Buckley, Winger, Queensryche, The Honeymoon Phase, Challenger: The Final Flight, Cobra Kai

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Dan and Eric talks about Dan's vacation, Segway unicycles, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Black Lives Matter, fires, hurricanes, Yellowstone super volcano, Amazon, ICE, detention centers, water shortage, SoFi stadium, anal vibrator, Apple Watch, iPad Air, Apple One, Apple Fitness +, Nandi Bushnell, DaveGrohl, Cuties, religion, Besetment, I'm Thinking of Ending Things, You Should Have Left, Evil Alien Conquerors

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Dan and Eric talk about football, COVID-19, The Rock, The Titan Games, Trump, black holes, glass batteries, microtargeting, Whoop, Gilbert Gottfried, Cardi B, Madden '21, Uncaged, The Good Fight, Kiesel Guitars 

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