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Dan and Eric talk about Dan's dog, Ozzy Osbourne, Terry Jones, Meadowlark Lemmons, Harlem Globetrotters, giant wolf, football, Nick Tahou's, garbage plate, Toto, Megadeth, Jeff Bezos, Daniel Suarez, Delta-V, Apple, iCloud encryption, Space Force, Sonos, AirPods Pro, coronavirus, Underwater, Leviathan, Seoul Station, Terminator: Dark Fate, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Teeth, death metal yoga, Dragged Into Sunlight

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Dan and Eric talk about shaving cream, Bang, jumping, David Lee Roth, murder, cannibalism, Kevin Bacon, HP Color LaserJet Pro M254, MacBook Pro, audio software, NAMM, Steve Van, Ibanez, Pia, Billy Sheehan, bass, Line6, POD Go, Eminem, Darkness, Three Christs, 1917, Underwater, Teeth, I See You, You, Inside the Mind of Aaron Hernandez, Ken Burns, Meshuggah

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Dan and Eric talk about Iran, Axe Ventura, Australia, fires, wombats, marijuana, CES, drone security, water recycling, Hydraloop, Sennheiser car audio, Ivanka Trump, high tech visor, Neil Pert, Rush, Megadeth, Okilly Dokilly, Ready Or Not, Knives Out, Freaks, The Laplace's Demon, Antrum, Apparition, Parasite, Light of my Life, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Bloodline, A Record of Sweet Murder, Tumbbad, The Grudge, The Man In The High Castle, Eddie Murphy, Hypno5e, Sturgill Simpson, Stan Freberg, The HU

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