The Askancity Podcast
Episode 46

Dan and Eric talk about weathermen, overpriced t-shirts, AT&T, Comcast, cooking, science, Thomas Edison's interview questions, smart power outlets, John Doe, Motorhead, Kodak, Harry Potter, The Biggest Loser, Acolytes, Supernatural, ELO, and Extreme.

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Episode 45

Dan and Eric talk about Whitney Houston, Gisele Bundchen, diet, Geckskin, Apple, OS X Mountain Lion, China, Lars von Trier, Dancer IN The Dark, Antichrist, cars, Supernatural, iPad, Dr. Dog, and The Empire Strikes Back.

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Episode 44

Dan and Eric talk about the Super Bowl, commercials, Ford, GM, Clint Eastwood, alligators, pythons, rats, bottled water, the Grand Canyon, phones, Windows 8, Verizon, Red Box, Netflix, The Totally Rad Show, Star Trek: TNG, Star Wars, Horror Etc, Grammy, Steve Vai, Queensryche, Retreat, Prince, Silver Sun Pickups, Moby Dick, and Kafka

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Episode 43

Dan and Eric talk about being sick, fitness, addiction, whales, helicopters, glass, manufacturing, working conditions, Carvin, slavery, drugs, Kristen Bell, Liam Neeson, The Grey, The Woman In Black, The Innkeepers, X, jousting, Star Trek: TNG, Supernatural, Firefly, Drive, Zoe Thompson, and football.

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