The Askancity Podcast
Episode 11

Dan and Eric talk about Peter Faulk, Ryan Dunn, Roger Ebert, Hollywood memorabilia, Nicholas Cage, shaving supplies, Best Buy, Apple, Thundercats, the "n" word, Metallica, Weird Al, The Ward, Quarantine 2, and other assorted movies.

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Episode 10

Dan and Eric talk about Facebook, Duke Nukem, the legalization of marijuana, sharks, Mozart, movies, and report in on their attempt at eliminating grain from their diets. 

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Episode 9

Dan and Eric talk about sharks love for AC/DC, Black Death, Shakespeare, and as promised, cover Apple's WWDC announcements in detail.

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Episode 8

Dan and Eric talk about the death of Dr. Death, sin and virtue, and Apple's new software

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Episode 7

Dan and Eric talk about white holes, time outs, rap songs, and Rob Halford.

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