The Askancity Podcast
Episode 20

Dan and Eric talk about earthquakes, hurricanes, the resignation of Steve Jobs, diet, butter and sugar, Kate Winslet, The Dark Side Of Oz, homeless millionaires, Colonel Sanders, Burlesque, Christina Aguilera, Grave Encounters, Twin Peaks, LPs, David Lee Roth, audio quality, System 7, Reason, Priest, and The Day After

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Episode 19

Dan and Eric talk about mosquitoes, Warren Buffett, taxes, useless rich people, the difficulties of maintaining a healthy diet in the U.S., Hungarian serial killers,motion capture acting, Rise of the Planet Of The Apes, Paul, Hot Fuzz, Glee, X-Files, government stupidity, court shenanigans, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles

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Episode 18

Dan and Eric talk about the riots in England, some of the worst promotions of all time, biking in Detroit, things that are dangerous now that weren't 20 years ago, Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burgers, Apple, the vaginafication of NFL football, Alyssa Milano's line of sports wear, the horrors of war, Bjork, Epica, God Is An Astronaut, Source Code, Super, Warehouse 13, and New Balance Minimus shoes.

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Episode 17

Dan and Eric welcome special guest Brian Webster, the programmer, CEO, janitor, webmaster, personal chef, and tech support personnel of Fat Cat Software. We discuss the direction of Mac software, and the effect of the Mac App store on both developers and consumers. Also discussed, the link between the American diet and the prevalence of diabetes, Alice Cooper, panties, the death of the internet, and The Reef.

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Episode 16

Dan and Eric talk about Anders Behring Brevik, corn subsidies, bubble bursting scientists, Apple's software follies, Logic, Reason, Final Cut Pro, Catholics, Dexter, I Saw The Devil, Evil Alien Conquerors, Louis C.K., Law and Order SVU

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