The Askancity Podcast
Episode 126

Dan and Eric talk about washers and dryers, football, phones, cats, racoons, rhabdomyolysis, Corssfit, Pakistan, earthquakes, Blackerry, Microsoft, Surface 2, mobile computing, Mitchell's wool fat bath soap, SpoilerShield, iOS 7, Martha Stewart, Duck Dynasty, Dexter, power lifting, X-Files, The Devil's Rock, Doctor Sleep, iTunes Radio, Bob Dylan, Brazilian organ music, Pklahoma, The Sound of Music, and getting old.

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Episode 125

Dan and Eric talk about football, Trent Richardson, crowd noise, McDonald's, time, space, Vitamin Water, Grumpy Cat, Miley Cyrus, Grand Valley State, comfort food, pizza, Miss America, racism, floods, shootings, Louis CK, cell phones, GTA5, Apple, iOS 7, iPhone S, Pain and Gain, Frankenstein's Army, Insidious 2, X-Files, Breaking Bad, Grizzly Bear, and MySpace.

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Episode 124

Dan and Eric talk about football, Friday the 13th, Richard Dawkins, words, Miley Cyrus, Jason Lloyd, Horrorphilia, Apple, iPhonec, iPhones, Netflix, Redbox, annoying people, The X-Files, Gillian Anderson, The Fox, Ylvis, Now You See Me, Riddick, Keanu Reeves, Vin Diesel, The League, Big Start, Drive By Truckers, Pearl Jam, Nick Cave, Tool, and Voyager.

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Episode 123

Dan and Eric talk about football, Peyton Manning, Notre Dame, Michigan, asshole delivery people, McDonald's, K-cup soup, food nostalgia, poetry, intellgent people, Ariel Castro, Diana, Huntress of Bus Drivers, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung Gear, Apple, iWatch, AppleTV, HDMI 2.0, Kevin Spacey, Netflix, Coming to America, Dexter, Undercover Boss, Star Trek: Into Darkness.

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Episode 122

Dan and Eric talk about U of M, football, Concussions, Soccer, Miley Cyrus, twerking, selfies, Action Park, Samsung, Android, retail Apple, iOS 7, Fiesta bacon, statutory rape, Tile, Flutter, Syria, House of Cards, Bug, Dexter, The Frozen Ground, Alaska movies, dog killers, and hunting humans.

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