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Dan and Eric talk about COVID-19, McDonalds, Impossible Burger, Boy Scouts, sexual abuse, Rodecaster Pro, Apple M1, Mac mini, Autechre, 2 Chainz, Naz, Amulet, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, The Mortuary Collection, The House on Sorority Row, Sorority House Massacre, Next, Bones

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Dan and Eric talk about measles, COVID-19, vaccines, Yellowstone, bear face recognition, Alex Trebek, Contact lens robot, speakerless sound, Parler, Apple, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, M1 processor, The Rock, Future, Soon, Scar Package, Possessor, Candyman, Friday the 13th part 2, Law & Order SVU, Damien, Eva Nielsen

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Dan and Eric talk about the election, Jeff Bezos, NotMilk, Colorado, grey wolves, AppleTV, Apple silicon, Sennheiser, Becky, Cloverfield, A Simple Favor, Friday the 13th, Antebellum, Homeland, Ted Lasso

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Dan and Eric talk about the election, Walmart, COVID-19, iMac, Apple Watch, Sennheiser Momentum, Air Pods Pro, Apple One, Aristotle, burritos, Sean Connery, Hawaii: Part 2, Khalid, Halloween, Open 24 Hours

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Dan and Eric talk about COVID-19, murder hornets, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Purdue Pharma, computer problems, Apple Watch, AirPods Pro, Gorillas, Talking Heads, Beach House, Joni Mitchell, Judas Priest, Rob Halford, Weird Al, The Good Place, David Attenborough: A Life On This Planet, Living In The Future's Past, The Trial of the Chicago 7, Paranormal Activity, The Faceless Man, The Wolf of Snow Hollow

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Dan and Eric talk about MJ Preston, Gretchen Whitmer, kidnapping, Proud Boys, voting, Ruby Tuesday, puppy throwing, click bait, toner theft, computer failure, iPhone 12, HomePod Mini, Vizo OLED televisions, Disney, Eddie Van Halen, Ocean of Slumber, The Dungeon Run, Bazooka Boy, Crash Delivery, Demolish, Michael Clayton, Alone, M.O.M. Mothers of Monsters, The Good Place, Helstrom

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Dan and Eric talk about Trump, COVID-19, NFL, brain eating amoeba, Air Pods Pro, Comcast, Apple Music, The Pineapple Thief, Killer Mike, The Social Dilemma, taxes, The Honeymoon Phase, Cold Valley, Alone

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Dan and Eric talk about Best Buy, Black Friday, Trump, social media, civil war, Gale Sayers, Jim Irsay, Citi, racial wealth gap, credit scores, Xbox, Playstation, Apple Watch, Jeff Buckley, Winger, Queensryche, The Honeymoon Phase, Challenger: The Final Flight, Cobra Kai

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Dan and Eric talks about Dan's vacation, Segway unicycles, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Black Lives Matter, fires, hurricanes, Yellowstone super volcano, Amazon, ICE, detention centers, water shortage, SoFi stadium, anal vibrator, Apple Watch, iPad Air, Apple One, Apple Fitness +, Nandi Bushnell, DaveGrohl, Cuties, religion, Besetment, I'm Thinking of Ending Things, You Should Have Left, Evil Alien Conquerors

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Dan and Eric talk about football, COVID-19, The Rock, The Titan Games, Trump, black holes, glass batteries, microtargeting, Whoop, Gilbert Gottfried, Cardi B, Madden '21, Uncaged, The Good Fight, Kiesel Guitars 

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Dan and Eric talk about spicy food, Kenosha events, energy, food, Facebook, Amazon reviews, George Carlin, Apple, marijuana, Metallica, CrossFit, Jack Reacher, Arrival, Burden of Truth

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Dan and Eric talk about California fires, robocalls, chickens, mosquitoes, QAnon, contact lenses, Epic, Apple, Alice IN Chains, An American Werewolf In London, Monstrous, Sputnik, The Witch, The Pale Door, Hereditary

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Dan and Eric talk about the Unites States Postal Service, voting, COVID-19, Sam Harris, Yale, discrimination, psychic weed finders, Dandelion Chocolate, bald eagle, drones, Ford Fusion, Alex Smith, The Rock, Fortnite, Apple, Scorpions, Richard Cheese, Lin Manuel-Miranda, Hamilton, T2, Django Unchained, Reckoning, Black Water: Abyss, The Dead Zone, The Parallax View

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Dan and Eric talk about sex crazed monkeys, sharks, wealth, NRA, racism,Bill Gates, Tik Tok, Beirut, The Rock, XFL, chocolate chips, Garmin, Sony PS5, HBO Max, Peacock, AppleTV, Netflix, Disney, Florida, Malik B, Duran Duran, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Invisible Man, The Terminator, Frailty, Antichrist, Melancholia, In Search of Darkness, The Beach House, Tread, Salt, M.O.M.: Mothers of Monsters

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Dan and Eric talk about Regis Philbin, Howie Mandel, Portland, protests, federal agents, Garmin, William Gibson, Daniel Suarez, Space Force, aliens, Jeff Bezos, income disparity, Apple, bass, Duran Duran, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Vile Creature, Collateral, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Blue Steel, Greyhound, The Dark Half, The Rental, The Shield

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Dan and Eric talk about COVID-19, CDC, Trump, USPS, Portland, protests, unidentified federal law enforcement, wealth distribution, coin shortage, farmers, Burger King, masks, Washington professional football team, Ford Bronco, Kelly Preston, Grant Imahara, penguin poop, Twitter, Bitcoin, thunderbolt 4, The Old Guard, The Hunt For Red October, Relic, Palm Springs, Inception, The Shield

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Dan and Eric talk about shoes, masks, Trump, Roger Stone, Palace at Auburn Hills, Black Death, Beluga whales, Kanye West, Rodecaster Pro, Ennio Morriconne, Joni Mitchell, Magma, Octopussy, Hamilton, The Titan Games, The Mothman Prophecies, The Shield

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Dan and Eric talk about Independence Day, patriotism, government, Trump, CrossFit, primaries, masks, Ypsilanti mayor, police, Washington Redskins, Golden State Killer, Roundup, Bayer, Stouffers, Segway, Microsoft, Apple, iOS 14, iPad OS, MacOS, AirPods, Apple Watch, AppleTV, Carl Reiner, Joel Schumacher, Nightmare on Wax, 36 Mafia, Europe, Steve Vai, The Hunt, Jaws 2, Open Water, The Arrival, Miss Sloane, Little Joe, Airport, Body Cam, The Other Lamb, Ocean's 13, Ocean's 8, Athlete A, 7500, The Bourne trilogy, Jeffrey Epstein, The Mummy 

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Dan and Eric talk about Trump, Supreme Court, India, China, Kelly Loeffler, PG&E, fires, statues, Aunt Jemima, KFC, Burger King, Impossible pork, police, CrossFit, foldable Phones, Apple, WWDC, 8k receivers, meth-gators, Soul Fly, North Atlantic Oscillation, organs, boss nova, Lady Gaga, Danzig, Central Intelligence, Black Sunday, Gemini Man, Jaws, Watchmen, The Dark Red, Space Cowboys, Exists

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Dan and Eric talk about CrossFit, Black Lives Matter, black Wall St., COVID-19, facemasks, Starbucks, Apple, NFL, Connor McGregor, podcasting equipment, PS5, Rush, The Titan Games, Central Intelligence, Forbidden Planet, The Dark Red, True Fiction

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Dan and Eric talk about George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, police brutality, Trump, James Mattis, institutional racism, NFL, Colin Kaepernick, Roger Goodell, Culturally Relevant podcast, White Fragility, Edge Of The Ghetto, iPhone, biometrics, ACLU, SpaceX, astronauts, ISS, post office, Wi-Fi grills, Ratt, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, T. Rex, Red House Painters, R. L. Burnside, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, The Vast of Night, Coma, Karla, Defending Jacob, Into The Storm, The Wretched, Just Mercy, Prodigal Son

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Dan and Eric talk about COVID-19, Trump, Governor Whitmer, wealth distribution, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, statue, 5 string bass, neck-thru Aries, Peter Hamil. Druids, Thriller, Dee Snider, High Plains Drifter, Pale Rider, Galaxy Quest, Lovely Molly, Bad Education, The Platform, Home Free, Homeland: Forst Salem

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Dan and Eric talk about Dark Waters, DuPont, COVID-19, Trump, curbside pickup, TesseracT, bees, Yellowstone, Tom Cruise, Little Richard, dentist, Impossible Burger, AI/DC, Joe Pera Talks To You, Silicon Valley, Dirty Harry, Jim Carrey, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne

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Dan and Eric talk about pandemic, Amazon, murder hornets, honey, bees, Don Shula, Alex Smith, Joe Pantiliano, Halfthor Bjornson, Eddie Hall, Core Steel, AppleTV, Sonos, Them Crooked Vultures, Hey Sugar, Bass Nectar, The Flaming Lips, Ravi Shenkar, Chicano Batman, Batdad, The Scorpions, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Silicon Valley, Homeland: Fort Salem, Birds of Prey, 1BR, Waco, Autin Powers, Prodigal Son Seinfeld, What We Do In The Shadows

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Dan and Eric talk about protests, COVID-19, political extremes, masks, Grim Reaper, Spofity, UFOs, moon landers, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Space X, Blue Origin, Business Wars, Dunkaccino, iPhone, apps, HBO Max, AppleTV+, Silicon Valley, Homeland: Fort Salem, Hulu, Shudder, Cursed Films, Batman Returns, Bad Seed Tee Vee, Free Solo, Soem, Abigail Williams, Max Brooks

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Dan and Eric talk about stay at home, hydroxychloroquine, disinfectant, Trump, oil, travel, grammar, typing, Apple, iPhone SE, Zoom, Logic, MacBook Air, iPad Air, Moshi, fire, Bill Callahan, Jonathan Hulten, Fiona Apple, Sonic Youth, Stephen King, Dee Snider, Peter Gabriel, Lucifer, Godzilla, Sea Fever, M. O. M. Mothers of Monsters, Demolition Man, Mad Max: Fury Road

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Dan and Eric welcome author MJ Preston to talk about his latest book Four, as well as some of his past books, Highwayman, Acadia Event, The Equinox, as well as other topics including COVID-19, social distancing, international trade and capitalism

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Dan and Eric talk about Dungeons & Dragons, D&D Beyond, tigers, pandas, Krakatoa, baking, Instacart, Stephen King, COBOL, Amazon, USPS, NFL Draft, The Dungeon Run, Fear Initiative, IMDB, Apple, Google, The Platform, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Tiger King, The Irishman, The Bay, The Hitcher, Swallow, Alien, Rambo: Last Blood, Better Call Saul, Devs, All Them Witches

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Dan and Eric talk about exploding intestines, Drizzt Do'Urden, treats, Uranus, Kroger, coronavirus, COVID-19, L.L. Bean, Kelly Loeffler, shoes, moon base, astronaut urine, Apple, Amazon, SXSW, Dark Sky, Devs, The Laplace's Demon, The Crazies, The Platform, Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, Predator, 12 Monkeys, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, John Williams, Better Call Saul, The Irishman, Kadavar

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Dan and Eric talk about the stay at home order, Kelly Loeffler, corporate citizens, COVID-19, DOJ, civil liberties, economy, coloring, The Dungeon Run, Plague Inc, Dyson, Zoom, Facebook, iPad, New York Times, Contagion, Robocop, Tiger King, Cheer, Hunter's Moon, After Midnight, The Good Place, Curtis Mayfield 

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Eric talks about COVID-19, pandemic, social distancing, Trump, Tom Hanks, NBA, NFL free agency, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, D'Andre Hopkins, David Johnson, Melvin Gordon, Stefon Diggs, Kenny Rogers, Apple, iPad Air, iPad Pro, MacBook Air, Moshi, Versacover, movies, rental prices, Color Out Of Space, The Abyss, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, The Outsider, McMillion$, The Hunt, Camp Cold Brook, Shazam, Black Christmas (2019), Richard Jewell, The Dungeon Run, The Good Place, Westworld

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Dan and Eric talk about Rob Halford, COVID-19, SXSW, Walmart, licking ice cream, Dave Chen, racism, spitting rhymes, con quest, rental cars, folding screens, Apple, iPad, Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap, Professor Fuzzworthy's beard soap, Porcupine Tree, Avenged Sevenfold, Moxy Fruvous, Ozzy Osbourne, Rick & Morty, supplements, The Outsider, McMillion$, The Invisible Man

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Dan and Eric talk about car troubles, Fender bass, pizza, coconut bra, Drumbeats Plus, The Amazing Slowdowner, Apple, 5G antennae, The Good Place, Fantasy Island, VFW, Doctor Sleep, Qualia, Eternus, intermittent fasting, McDonald's candles, Gwyneth Paltrows vagina candle, crystal dildos, Abigail Williams, Ozric tentacles, Dweezil Zappa, Ozzy Osbourne

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Dan and Eric talk about Mr. Watson, MJ Preston, The Equinox, Highwayman, fireflies, Bang, ponds, morning shows, Justin Long, Mira Sorvino, Harvey Weinstein, Impossible Foods, Jeff Bezos, Victor Wooten, Caffeine, The Dungeon Run, Dungeons & Dragons, education, Gibson, Kiesel, The Grey, Rabid, Villains, Body of Proof, The Rookie, 1917, Aeronauts, Fantasy Island, The Hu, Great White, White Lion

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Dan and Eric talk about Dan's new dog, Super Bowl, XFL, Rush Limbaugh, climate change, Antarctica, Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards of the Coast, TCL, Blackberry, Google Maps, AirPods Pro, 911 Lone Star, Cheer, Little Monsters, Dark Encounter, Knives Out, Steve Vai, Contagion

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Dan and Eric talk about Dan's dog, Ozzy Osbourne, Terry Jones, Meadowlark Lemmons, Harlem Globetrotters, giant wolf, football, Nick Tahou's, garbage plate, Toto, Megadeth, Jeff Bezos, Daniel Suarez, Delta-V, Apple, iCloud encryption, Space Force, Sonos, AirPods Pro, coronavirus, Underwater, Leviathan, Seoul Station, Terminator: Dark Fate, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Teeth, death metal yoga, Dragged Into Sunlight

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Dan and Eric talk about shaving cream, Bang, jumping, David Lee Roth, murder, cannibalism, Kevin Bacon, HP Color LaserJet Pro M254, MacBook Pro, audio software, NAMM, Steve Van, Ibanez, Pia, Billy Sheehan, bass, Line6, POD Go, Eminem, Darkness, Three Christs, 1917, Underwater, Teeth, I See You, You, Inside the Mind of Aaron Hernandez, Ken Burns, Meshuggah

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Dan and Eric talk about Iran, Axe Ventura, Australia, fires, wombats, marijuana, CES, drone security, water recycling, Hydraloop, Sennheiser car audio, Ivanka Trump, high tech visor, Neil Pert, Rush, Megadeth, Okilly Dokilly, Ready Or Not, Knives Out, Freaks, The Laplace's Demon, Antrum, Apparition, Parasite, Light of my Life, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Bloodline, A Record of Sweet Murder, Tumbbad, The Grudge, The Man In The High Castle, Eddie Murphy, Hypno5e, Sturgill Simpson, Stan Freberg, The HU

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