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Dan and Eric talk about food, Freshly, home repairs, football, Rob Gronkowski, Jussie Smollett, Office Depot, scam, Sigfried & Roy, tiger attack, Windows 10, phone numbers, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, AppleTV+, Apple Card, Scott Walker, The Good Wife, Hanna, The Santa Clarita Diet, Us

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Dan and Eric talk about basses, food, Freshly, mattresses, Petco, steer, Kin Kong Bundy, cats, Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson, nazis, Apple, iMac, iPad, Air Pods, subscriptions, streaming Comcast, Lincoln Duhnam, Steve Wilson, Greta von Fleet, Panic at the Disco, Ant Man, Greta, Suspiria, Cabin In The Woods, Amy Schumer

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Dan and Eric talk about St. Patrick's Day, Shamrock shakes, Pembertino, orange vanilla Coca-Cola, jaguar, eggs, Zach Bush M.D., Christchurch shooting, banks, college admissions fraud, John Oliver, Last Week Tonight, FCC, robocalls, Apple, Spotify, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Stu Hamm, OverLord, Secret City, Captain Marvel, Captive State, The Dawn Wall

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Dan and Eric talk about guitars, Abducted In Plain Sight, Katherine Helmond, King Kong Bundy, Luke Perry, Kieth Flynt, Jason Witten, David Irving, marijuana, PG&E, Grand Canyon, uranium, Game of Thrones, Oreo, Tim Cook, Samsung, folding phones, RAID drives, Leaving Neverland, Cujo, The Axiom, The Hole In The Ground, Treehouse, The Final Countdown, Falling Down, The Rookie, Talk Talk, ORK, The Bloodhound Gang, Queensryche

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