The Askancity Podcast
Episode 178

Dan and Eric talk about U of M, Eastern Michigan, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin, Odell Beckham Jr., Ray Rice, J.J. Watt, Radio Shack, Egyptians, Han Purple, Raider Of The Lost Ark, fart pills, surround sound, blu-ray audio HBO, Church of Scientology, Matthew McConaughey, The Stand, Space Station '76, The Canal, The Babadook, Frankie Valli


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Episode 177

Dan and Eric talk about St. Jude's Give Thanks Walk, snow, Buffalo, football, NFL, Adrian Peterson, EPA, sugar, cats, Apple, Samsun, iPhone, Google, Picasa, Longmire, Netflix, Exists, Inner Demons, Jessabelle, The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, Royal Blood, Black Sabbath, Chase Holfelder, Bugs, Herman Hesse

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Episode 176

Dan and Eric talk about football, Rex Ryan, Adrian Peterson, New England Patriots, Seahawk, Bill Cosby, Dewitos, climate change, China, Obama, Net Neutrality, Bush, Clinton, nuclear weapons, comet landing, mace, holiday greetings, Judas Priest Turbo Dog, app store gamers, Apple, Fibit, Pacasa, Google, Zoolander, Evil Dead, Malificient, Jessabelle, Gone Girl, Revival, Loony Labyrinth, accordian, undwerwater gongs, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd 

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Episode 175

Dan and Eric talk abour travel, Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo, Whole 30 challenge, canola oil, rapeseed, gluten, leglized marijuana, aliens, rocket crash, FTC, FCC, ATT, the Pope, T-Pain, Andy Griffith, ApplePay, CurrentC, MS Band, Jawbone UP3, Amazon Echo, Sonos, sugar, bacon, MS Surface, Asphalt Airborne, 8, Ester Dean, Carol Kaye, Stonehearst Asylum, Exists, Extraterrestrial, Might Moves, Torment, The taking of Deborah Logan, Nightcrawler, Interstellar, Flaming Lips, Primsu, King Crimson

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