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Dan and Eric talk about Regis Philbin, Howie Mandel, Portland, protests, federal agents, Garmin, William Gibson, Daniel Suarez, Space Force, aliens, Jeff Bezos, income disparity, Apple, bass, Duran Duran, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Vile Creature, Collateral, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Blue Steel, Greyhound, The Dark Half, The Rental, The Shield

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Dan and Eric talk about COVID-19, CDC, Trump, USPS, Portland, protests, unidentified federal law enforcement, wealth distribution, coin shortage, farmers, Burger King, masks, Washington professional football team, Ford Bronco, Kelly Preston, Grant Imahara, penguin poop, Twitter, Bitcoin, thunderbolt 4, The Old Guard, The Hunt For Red October, Relic, Palm Springs, Inception, The Shield

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Dan and Eric talk about shoes, masks, Trump, Roger Stone, Palace at Auburn Hills, Black Death, Beluga whales, Kanye West, Rodecaster Pro, Ennio Morriconne, Joni Mitchell, Magma, Octopussy, Hamilton, The Titan Games, The Mothman Prophecies, The Shield

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Dan and Eric talk about Independence Day, patriotism, government, Trump, CrossFit, primaries, masks, Ypsilanti mayor, police, Washington Redskins, Golden State Killer, Roundup, Bayer, Stouffers, Segway, Microsoft, Apple, iOS 14, iPad OS, MacOS, AirPods, Apple Watch, AppleTV, Carl Reiner, Joel Schumacher, Nightmare on Wax, 36 Mafia, Europe, Steve Vai, The Hunt, Jaws 2, Open Water, The Arrival, Miss Sloane, Little Joe, Airport, Body Cam, The Other Lamb, Ocean's 13, Ocean's 8, Athlete A, 7500, The Bourne trilogy, Jeffrey Epstein, The Mummy 

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