The Askancity Podcast

Dan and Eric talk about affluenza, Detroit Lions, Dalas Cowboys, anti-bacterial soap, microwaves, vitamins, Walt Mossberg, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Windows 8, Xbox One, Netflix, Comcast, government spying, media, Duck Dynasty, Gremlins, Carvin, extended scale guitars, Dire Straits.

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Episode 135

Dan and Eric talk about winter weather, Antarctica, Pope Francis, Nelson Mandela, sign language, shopping induced suicide, viral stories, shootings, snooze alarms, TSA, iPhone, Android, Xbox One, Best Buy, Lions, fantasy football, The Hobbit, Peter Jackson, Godzilla, Daemon, iPad, Kindle, Hannibal, Manhunter, AHS, Almost Human, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Amish Mafia, and Oldboiy.

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Episode 134

Dan and Eric talk about football, Le'Veon Bell, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, airport security, Beastie Boys, Goldie Blox, Comcast, Lulu Lemon, Brown Friday, Elan Gale, World Cup stadium collapse, scarce resources, dead bodies, Apple, sick weather, extra-terrestrial communication, Home Movie, The Aggression Scale, The Lords of Salem, Oldboy, and Nick Cave.

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Episode 133

Dan and Eric talk about football, Tom Brady, Peytn Manning, Calvin Johnson, Wall-Mart, Disney movies, children's stories, coffee, microwaves, appliance shopping, John Carmack, Logitech Powershell, Galaxy Gear, Xbox One, gaming consoles, viola organista, TMZ, Oprah, The Mentalist, Blackfish, SeaWorld, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Jennifer Lawrence, Lone Survivor, The Hobbitt, Oldboy.

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Episode 132

Dan and Eric talk about football, Sunday package delivery, shopping on Thansgiving, Starbucks, McRib, Reed Timmer, ex wife exorcism, Anthony Bordain, Detroit, Coin, invisible bike helmets, A Vagina Is Not, Eminem, Lady Gaga, The Deer Hunter, Bob Dylan, Messhugah, Jenna Marbles, <iley Cyrus, The Mentalist, Shutter, Firefly.

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Episode 131

Dan and Eric talk about Ukulele, Gary Kubiak, Richie Incognito, Tony Dorsett, CTE, TSA, mass shootings, Detroit, McDonald's, parental custody, FDA, trans fats, Apple, Patriot, Act, philosophers, sapphire, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone, Bitcoins, social engineering, Blockbuster, Lady Gaga, Firefly, Marshall Mathers LP 2, Skinwalker Ranch, rattlsnake meat, Ender's Game, and Thor.

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Episode 130

Dan and Eric talk about canabalism, Josh Freeman, baldness, antibiotics, Detroit, McDonalds, Heinz ketchup, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini w/ Retina Display, iPhones, iTunes Radio, OS X Mavericks, The Heat, Halloween, Saw, Sinister, pot, Damages, Supernatural, Duck Dynasty, kung fu pants, and juice.

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Episode 129

Dan and Eric talk about football, Josh Freeman, Brandon Marshall, Ndamunkong Suh, Michigan Murders, magnrtic zippers, Orero addiction, mercury in makeup, fetus shopping, spider cars, Apple TV, English folk music, Cassadaga, Carrie, Machete Kills, Supernatural, The Office, Northern Exposure, baseball, Melissa McCarthy, <aniac, and Weird Al

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Episode 128

Dan and Eric talk about football, Eli Manning, Tony Romo, breast cancer awateness, mental illness, EMU, Lambeau Field, Adrian Peterson, Fitbit Force, iWatch, iPad, Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks, Matthew Ardizzone, MJ Preston, I didn't Come Here to Die, Man of Tai Chi, TRX, Supernatural, American Horror Story, Pearl Jam, and Wilco

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Episode 127

Dan and Eric talk about football, government shutdown, Bitcoin, Miley Cyrus, Sinead O'Connor, Steve Jobs, iPhone, Samsung, evil grandmas, cars, The Kings of Summer, Supernatural, Gravity, Dexter, Lost, Brahms, Daniel Radcliff, Lars Ulrich, iPad, AppleTV, #addawordruinamovie, and spanking transvestite.

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Episode 126

Dan and Eric talk about washers and dryers, football, phones, cats, racoons, rhabdomyolysis, Corssfit, Pakistan, earthquakes, Blackerry, Microsoft, Surface 2, mobile computing, Mitchell's wool fat bath soap, SpoilerShield, iOS 7, Martha Stewart, Duck Dynasty, Dexter, power lifting, X-Files, The Devil's Rock, Doctor Sleep, iTunes Radio, Bob Dylan, Brazilian organ music, Pklahoma, The Sound of Music, and getting old.

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Episode 125

Dan and Eric talk about football, Trent Richardson, crowd noise, McDonald's, time, space, Vitamin Water, Grumpy Cat, Miley Cyrus, Grand Valley State, comfort food, pizza, Miss America, racism, floods, shootings, Louis CK, cell phones, GTA5, Apple, iOS 7, iPhone S, Pain and Gain, Frankenstein's Army, Insidious 2, X-Files, Breaking Bad, Grizzly Bear, and MySpace.

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Episode 124

Dan and Eric talk about football, Friday the 13th, Richard Dawkins, words, Miley Cyrus, Jason Lloyd, Horrorphilia, Apple, iPhonec, iPhones, Netflix, Redbox, annoying people, The X-Files, Gillian Anderson, The Fox, Ylvis, Now You See Me, Riddick, Keanu Reeves, Vin Diesel, The League, Big Start, Drive By Truckers, Pearl Jam, Nick Cave, Tool, and Voyager.

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Episode 123

Dan and Eric talk about football, Peyton Manning, Notre Dame, Michigan, asshole delivery people, McDonald's, K-cup soup, food nostalgia, poetry, intellgent people, Ariel Castro, Diana, Huntress of Bus Drivers, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung Gear, Apple, iWatch, AppleTV, HDMI 2.0, Kevin Spacey, Netflix, Coming to America, Dexter, Undercover Boss, Star Trek: Into Darkness.

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Episode 122

Dan and Eric talk about U of M, football, Concussions, Soccer, Miley Cyrus, twerking, selfies, Action Park, Samsung, Android, retail Apple, iOS 7, Fiesta bacon, statutory rape, Tile, Flutter, Syria, House of Cards, Bug, Dexter, The Frozen Ground, Alaska movies, dog killers, and hunting humans.

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Episode 121

Dan and Eric talk about meat, kayaking, Mythbusters, squatting, Tesla S Model, Ben Affleck, Batman, Nicholas Cage, Apple, iWatch, Moicrosoft, Steve Ballmer, black holes, solar power, Event Horizon, morning news shows, Kick-Ass 2, Armageddon, Elysium, The SHield, Bad Boys, Hot Fuzz, Point Break.

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Episode 120

Dan and Eric talk about avacado coffee, the mayor of San Diego, TSA, federal government, snakes, Discovery channel, megalodon, Mythbusters, Breaking Bad, football, Jeff Bezos, The Washington Post, eveolving jobs, poo caves, lactose intolerance, intelligent design, lab grown beef, eating crickets, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Lisa Kudrow, Web Therapy, Apple, Newton, Red Box, Roku, The Silence, The Shield, and Elysium. 

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Episode 119

Dan and Eric talk about football, Riley Cooper, Dexter, the arrow paradox, self-driving cars, TSA, Apple, Android, Windows, passwords, The Conjuring, Amazon instant streaming, The Shield, anti-heroes, short stories, last meals.

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Episode 118

Dan and Eric talk about a train crash, horses in McDonald's, Amanda Bynes, Monopoly, ashes, memories, Chromecast, Nexus 7, Surface, Apple, iPad, Logic Pro X, cats, Weird Al, Albuquerque, Breaking Bad, sand art, The Last Exorcism, Trance, The Chase, Dumplings, banks, "all natural" food, and Fuck Buttons.

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Episode 117

Dan and Eric talk about the Detriot bankruptcy, Jahvid Best, Colin Jenkins, J.J. Watt, Maurice Jones-Drew, heat, Dunkin Donuts, the new Atlanta Falcons sandwich, steak, penis biting snakes, padora virus, NASA, obesity, fracking, IMDB, iWatch, AppleTV, Logic Pro X, Cory Montieth, heroin, Emmy nominations, Netflix, Orange Is The New Black, Beneath, I Saw The Devil, Secrets of the Viking Sword, Why Ships Sink, Johnny Carson, Bates Motel, The Conjuring, and heat stroke.

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Episode 116

Dan and Eric talk about Eric's new kitten, soccer murder, Andy Murray, Asiana flight 214, KTVU, Amanda Bynes, construction, tigers, eagles, vultures, GMO wheat, Roundup, Twinkies, sweets, Facebook, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Lady Gaga, The Factory, Comcast, Sharknado, EY.

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Episode 115

Dan and Eric mourn the passing of Eric's cat Izzy, and talk about the plane crash in San Fransisco, e-cigarettes, military radar, whales, Apple, Time Warner, Samsung, Boxee, Hulu, Miley Cyrus, USPS, spying, Twitter, targeted advertising, Cabin In The Woods, Universal Orlando, Jaws, subwoofers, Europa Report, Kumare, Longmire, Falling Skies, Queensryche, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, The Roots, and Native Americans

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Episode 114

Dan and Eric are back from their haitus! This week, they talk about Eric's vacation, the weather, Aaron Hernandez, Josh Brent, Apple, iOS, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, gaming, data centers, Spotify, ambulances, Rep. Duckworth, Man of Steel, World War Z, Game of Thrones, The Game, Joyland, Kill Decision, Frankie Valli, and Two.

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Episode 113

Dan and Eric talk about Tim Samaras, the building collapse in Philadelphia, the shooting in Santa Monica, pronounciation differences in the U.S., Apple, WWDC, Amazon, hot sauce, breast milk lolipops, Lolyphile, donut breakfast sandwich, paleo diet, Chris Kluwe, Michael Douglas, Game of Thrones, Venus and Serena, The Purge, Carvin V3M, garage sales, and Nelson Mandella.  

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Episode 112

Dan and Eric talk about more tornados in Oklahoma, Titus Young, fantasy football, Louis CK, Robot Unicorn Attack 2, mammoth blood, kidergarten graduation riots, Samuel L. Jackson, Wheel of Fortune, photographers, IHOP, Waffle House, guitar amps, Bag of Bones, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, Side Effects, Arrested Development, Vikings, advertising, Black Rock, American Mary, Girls, Point Break, Keanu Reeves, Dark Discussions, MJ Preston, The Equinox, and a Song of Ice And Fire. 

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Episode 111

Dan and Eric talk about suicide, tornado, Moore, birdge collapse, Ray Manzarek, Tim Curry, Calvin Johnson, crazy ants, Flickr, McDonald's, child obesity, FDA, guitar, bacon, Simpson's theme park, Costco, Silver Linings Playbook, The Hidden Face, Vikings, Damages, Tremors, Harry Nilsson, A Band Called Death, Black Sabbath, and Ozzy.

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Episode 110

Dan and Eric talk about Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy, oil, fracking, drinking urine, David Beckham, soccer, Chris Kluwe, Oakland Raiders, sitckum, gray whales, solar flares, student debt, Amazon coins, Samsung 5G, Windows, Jesus, frankincense, Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton, Alice Cooper, Wayne's World, Cast of Kings, slavery, Lunopolis, Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise, Wagner, BMW, Iron Man 3, Damages, Dexter, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Resolution, The Snowtown Murders, and Absentia

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Episode 109

Dan and Eric talk about Charles Ramsey and the kidnapping vicitms. Titus Young, Carri Underwood, super gonorrhea,  heart health, cable TV, blackouts, Spotify, drug addiction, Facebook invites, communication, drummers, John Bonham, Messugah Beach Party, Phantom Of The Opera, One Hour Photo, A Song of Ice and Fire, Hatfields and McCoys, Touching The Void, The Office, Trollhunter.

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Episode 108

Dand and Eric talk about bicyclists, run away horse, Robot Unicorn Attack, Montage, Collage, Jason Collins, Martina Navritalova, Chris Kluwe, death by ponytail, plane crash, World Trade Center, Freedom Tower, Brooke Meuller, Denise Richards, arm lifts, Michelle Obama, wild fires, hotmail, Apple, Acer, graphene paint, 3D printer, The Frankenstein Theory, The Fourth Kind, found footage, Messugah, Iron Man 3, Fringe, and Voltaire.

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Episode 107

Dand and Eric talk about the NFL draft, Madden NFL, Barry Sanders, Lance Armstrong, USPS, money, the new $100 bill, Virgin America, Doctors, drug addiction, Apple, iPhoto Library Manager, Kindle TV, Netflix, Hemlock Grove, digital binoculars, J.J. Abrams, Stephen King, 11/22/63, Fringe, Django Unchained, Oblivion, Deftones, David Bowie, Meshuggah, Psy, Gentleman, Black Sabbath, Glen Campbell, Alice Cooper, Joe Satriani, A Song of Ice And Fire, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

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Episode 106

Dan and Eric celebrate the two year anniversary of the show with special guest M. J. Preston! Amognst the topics discussed are the Boston marathon bombing, the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, conspiracy theories, home made hockey rinks, e-books, Apple, iPad, ice road trucking, The Equinox, Acadia Event, Quentin Tarantino, Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained, Spike Lee, capoeira, and The Assailant.

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Episode 105

Dan and Eric talk about Annette Funicello, Margaret Thatcher, NYC soda ban, IMDB, ageism, sharks, monuments, rice,lead, FDA, electronic cigarettes, smoking, Facebook, hacking airplanes, Tumblr, Spotify, Road Ninja, Kickalicious, A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones, The Dukes of Hazzard, Doctored, and internet training.

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Episode 104

Dan and Eric talk about Dan's vacation, billboards, On Being, Planet Money, The Partially Examined Life, Roger Ebert, Jason Hanson, David Akers, Chris Kluwe, Kevin Ware, the Pope, birth control, health care, Kraft macaroni and cheese, Facebook Home, Lincoln, Parental Guidance, Bend It Like Beckham, Game of Thrones, Duck Dynasty, Evil Dead, Chloe Grace Moretz, Let The Right One In, prequels, and Star Trek.

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Episode 103

Dan and Eric talk about McDonald's, juicing, Sergio Garcia, Tiger Woods, soccer, two-headed shark, Judge Judy, Monsanto, GMO, gay rights, Apple, mapping, invisibility cloak, Yahoo!, Google, Chrome, Apple, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Zero Dark Thirty, The Host, Room 237, and Duck Dynasty.

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Episode 102

Dan and Eric talk about NFL rule changes, Voyager, tornados, iPhone, quantum computing, F4: Vortex, crocodiles, Black Water, sumo oranges, Jimi Hendrix, POD HD500, Come Out And Play, Hungry For Change, Wilhelm scream, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, House of Cards, and Keanu Reeves.

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Episode 101

Dan and Eric talk about NFL free agency, the NYC pop ban, watches, sinkholes, Twinkies, Black Death, Samsung Galaxy S4, Kindle Fire, Netflix, Kickstarter, Veronica Mars, Tornado Chasers, Reed Timmer, Sean Casey, Tornado Alley, Jeff Cannata, Lady Gaga, Detroit, Kwami Kilpatrick, Cliff Burr, Kick Ass 2, The Victim, Ted, Girls Against Boys, and The Call.

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Episode 100

Dan and Eric celebrate their 100th episode, talking about elephants, cows, sharks, volcanoes, camels, the Hindenburg, Chris Kluwe, Bill Bennett, Facebook, targeted ads, Apple Maps, Samsung Galaxy S4, Mike Tyson, Reed Timmer, Tornado Chasers, Slows BBQ, Shotgun Philharmonic, Honeycrisp apples, cuties, self healing microchips, Carrie Fisher, The Flesh Eaters, Game of Thrones, Jack The Giant Slayer, Oz the Great And Powerful, 3D, Peter Dinklage, Cujo, Triangle, and Weird Al. 

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Episode 99

Dan and Eric talk about the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, Daytona 500, Dale Earnhardt Jr., The Unthinkable Mind, The Harlem Shake, Chipolte quesario, secret menus, New York's large pop ban, horse meat, Morrissey, Duck Dynasty, networked rats, Leaf motion controller, Pandora, iPod nano, Lightning connector, HP's new tablet, Sony Experia Tablet Z, webOS, LG, smart TVs, smart canes, Facebook, Yahoo, Midnight Son, Real Steel, Cop Out, Game of Thrones, Barricade, The Last Exorcism 2,  Cop Out, Salt Sugar Fat, Megadeth, Pink Floyd, Ice-T, and David Bowie.

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Episode 98

Dan and Eric talk about Eric's new car, AWD, Zingerman's candy bars, exercise induced vomiting, NFL rules, Danica Patrick, cheerleaders, gaming consoles, Apple, iWatch, A Good Day To Die Hard, Live Free Or Die Hard, Die Hard With A Vengeance, Die Hard, Nothing Lasts Forever, Dark Skies, Blood and Chrome, Sinister, The Simpsons, Game of Thrones, and The Macaroni Grill.

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Episode 97

Dan and Eric talk about the Olympics, Christopher Dorner, speeding in France, the cruise fron Hell, zombie alert, meteor, internet porn, Iceland, North Dakota, fracking, Microsoft, Apple, Apple TV, iWatch, Ford Fusion, Ted, Ripper Street, Flight, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, and The ABC's of Death.

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Episode 96

Dan and Eric talk about the Super Bowl, Beyonce, The Illuminati, coffee rust, Spirograph, obesity, the Grammys, Canadian pennies, USPS, Coco Brown, Dell, Facebook, drones, keyboards, TVs, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Hansel and Gretle: Witch Hunters, House Of Cards, Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes, and The Revenant.

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Episode 95

Dan and Eric talk about driving, MJ Preston, corporate communication, Applebee's, Ray Lewis, Dan Marino, My Name Is Kelly tattoo, Rihanna, Blackberry, Microsoft, Windows 8, Apple TV, Netflix, House Of Cards, 30 Rock, Liz Lemon, Coke, owls, animal noises, guitar amps, Variax, guitars, Rob Halford, Pitfall, John Dies At The End, Trollhunter, The Good Son, Halloween 3, MacBeth, Piranah 3DD, Haunting of Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia, East Meets West, ninjas, Star Wars, and J.J. Abrams 

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Episode 94

Dan and Eric talk about Tom Brady, Stevan Ridley, concussions, Junior Seau, training, Mars, python hunting, Coke, women in combat, Apple, Beyoce, gun control, boobs, American Horror Story, End of Watch, Rupal's Drag Race, Portlandia, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Andy Griffith Show, Knight Rider, Lost In Space, The A-Team, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Possession, and Macklemore. 

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Episode 93

Dan and Eric talk about Conrad Bain, Dear Abby, tiger shirts, Lance Armstrong, Manti T'eo, Hulk Hogan, American Airlines, Boeing, heilcopter crash, Amazon, iPad, Hearst publishing, I Saw The Devil, The Last Stand, Mama, Brick, Premium Rush, Turkish delight, Jodie Foster, LGBT, Chris Kluwe, Blood Meridian, corpse stealing, Pink Floyd, and Steve Vai.

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Episode 92

Dan and Eric talk about the Death Star, RG3, head injuries, Junior Seau, pop, depression, the royal portrait, lion dog, python hunting, CES, 4k TVs, Destiny's Child, Oscar nominations, Killer Joe, Compliance, Led Zeppelin, El monstro del mar.

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Episode 91

Dan and Eric talk about football, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Justin Beiber, paprazzi, Hard Core Pawn, tsunami, volcanoes, recess, paleo diet, nutritionists, obesity, quitting smoking, Apple, Waze, Google Maps, Jack Reacher, Killing Floor, Quentin Tarantino, violence in entertainment, Stephen King, The Watch, Total Recall, The Day, The Road, Evil Dead, Gary Clark Jr., Jimi Hendrix, and Ernie Isley

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