The Askancity Podcast
Episode 121

Dan and Eric talk about meat, kayaking, Mythbusters, squatting, Tesla S Model, Ben Affleck, Batman, Nicholas Cage, Apple, iWatch, Moicrosoft, Steve Ballmer, black holes, solar power, Event Horizon, morning news shows, Kick-Ass 2, Armageddon, Elysium, The SHield, Bad Boys, Hot Fuzz, Point Break.

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Episode 120

Dan and Eric talk about avacado coffee, the mayor of San Diego, TSA, federal government, snakes, Discovery channel, megalodon, Mythbusters, Breaking Bad, football, Jeff Bezos, The Washington Post, eveolving jobs, poo caves, lactose intolerance, intelligent design, lab grown beef, eating crickets, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Lisa Kudrow, Web Therapy, Apple, Newton, Red Box, Roku, The Silence, The Shield, and Elysium. 

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Episode 119

Dan and Eric talk about football, Riley Cooper, Dexter, the arrow paradox, self-driving cars, TSA, Apple, Android, Windows, passwords, The Conjuring, Amazon instant streaming, The Shield, anti-heroes, short stories, last meals.

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