The Askancity Podcast
Episode 15

Dan and Eric talk about Pacific Shaving Company, Netflix, incosistent appraisal of heinous acts of humanity, Apple, Lion, computer upgrades, an particularly uppity great white shark, corn subsidies, lobbyists, the horror in Norway, Insidious, The Secret of Kells, Powerpuff Girls, dissonance, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shrine, creamed pickel soup, The Dark Discussions podcast, Triangle, and Lars Von Trier

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Episode 14

Dan and Eric talk about Netflix, oil spills, over-fishing, bottled water, germ paranoia, super gonorrhea, Google+, Blind Spot, World War Z, Quantum Activist, the complete uselessness of our consumer society, and the imminent end of mankind. 

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Episode 13

Dan and Eric talk about Casey Anthony, Betty Ford, Michael Vick, the latest Exxon spill, Google+, the wussification of America, the evolution of hard drive technology, hated corporations, the Dark Discussions podcast, and the lost art of album compilation.

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Episode 12

Dan and Eric talk about breast milk assault, flesh eating cocaine, evil television, evil corporations, dead tigers, lost penguins, Mrs. Brady's indiscretions, and a whole bunch of other uplifting topics.

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