The Askancity Podcast
Episode 72

Dan and Eric talk about Neil Armstrong, the moon landing, NASA, Cleveland steamers, Faster, Tony Scott, Phyllis Diller, Jerry Nelson, The Count, Michael J Fox, Lance Armstrong, the West Nile virus, ADD, Pussy Riot, typhoons and hurricanes, Samsung, Apple, Judge Koh, corporate lawyers, Judas Priest, Screaming For Vengeance, The Raid: Redemption, Lo, Jaws 2, yoga, Lafaette Coney Island, Supino's pizza, and American cars.

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Episode 71

Dan and Eric talk about corprate BS, Pantera, our new web site, Squarespace, pythons, salmonella, internet rumors, Bath school disaster, Torch murders, Michigan murders, The Silver Sun Pickups, politics, gun control, sharks, shark week, Jaws, Sharkzilla, The Walking Dead, The Birdcage, Best IN Show, Insomnia, Homeroom, plane crash, Olympics, Spice Girls, Coney's, and Bowl Of Meat

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Episode 70

Dan and Eric talk about the Dogman, Digg, the Olympics, football, guitar players, Metallica, Apple, Samsung, Nagasaki, Jaws, The Three Stooges, American Pie, Red Dawn, comics, Magic: The Gathering, District 9, Rec 3, Supernatural, Mars Rover Curiosity, and scalping

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Episode 69

Eric welcomes guest host Manny for a fantasy football extravaganza! Eric and Manny go through all 32 NFL teams telling you what you need to know for your fantasy draft.

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