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Episode 167

Dan and Eric talk about Lauren Bacall,  Johnny Manziel, Le'Veon Bell, LaGarrette Blount, B.J. Raji, NFL Now, SUper Boel half time, Furgeson protests, ice bucket challenge, Dave Grohl, Patrick Stewart, grammar, CD life span, Apple, Yosemite, iMessage, iPhone 6, HealthKit, Maps, iTunes Radio, Sunn0))), Ice-T, Dungeons and Dragons, Drizzt Do'Urden, Starbuks, Mythbusters, Kevin Smith, Bhutanese stamps, death metal, Insomnia, Al Pacino, The Shield, Diablo 3, The Sopranos

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Episode 166

Dan and Eric talk about Crossfit, fleur de lis, FCC, NFL, lost Myan cities, hell gates, sharks, weight lifting, Hachett, Ferguson, MO, Lauren Bacall, Robin Williams, socail media, iPhone, iPad, Into The Storm, Lucy, At The Devil's Door, The Shield, Doctor Who, almonds, bacon sausage, Spotify

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Episode 165

Dan and Eric talk about synesthesia, sauerkraut, minimum wage fee, vomit, NFL, drones, Daniel Suarez, Kill Decision, exercises, squatting, Weird Al, sharks, Mythbusters, Jim Brady, Marilyn Burns, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Witchunter, iPhone 6, Appler, Amazon Fire phone, turtle chase, Seven, big boobs, Under The Skin, Oculus, Sunn0))), Mayhem, Colin Kaepernick, tatoos, Madden NFL 

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Episode 164

Dan and Eric talk about soccer, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Toledo, tainted Water, Ohio, NFL, Roger Goodell, Ray Rice, Josh Gordon, Dallas Cowboys, Donald Trump, Slamball, Comcast, ebola, microwave engine, Persoinal Audio, patent trolls, Adam Corolla, Amazon, Hachett, Eminem, Apple, content delivery, Kill Bill, Primus, Sharknado 2, Tara Reid, Dr. Who, Under The Skin, IT Crowd, Nick Cave, Sunn 0)))

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