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Episode 253

Dan and Eric talk about Brexit, Anton Yeltsin, EFF, 4th Amendment, anti-aging, health care, solar energy, drug resistant bacteria, autism, robes, jaguars, animals. Apple, American Express, Netflix, Kindle, Taylor Swift, YouTube, DMCA, Led Zeppelin, Paramount, Star Trek, Revol earbuds, Steve Vai, Porcupine Tree, The The, Clown, Orange Is The New Black, The Shallows, Agents of SHIELD

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Episode 252

Dan and Eric talk about the Orlando shootings,gun control, alligators, superbugs, Monsanto, RoundUp, sugar, shoes, WWDC, macOS Sierra, watchOS 3, Apple TV, iOS 10, Apple Music, Swift Playgrounds, Microsoft, LinkedIN, Xbox One S, Henry Rollins, Weird Al, JJ Abrams, Star Trek, Judas Priest, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Red Hot Chili Peppers, SoulFly, Nashville Pussy, Agents of SHIELD, Rambo: First Blood, The Bourne Identity, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Heat

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Episode 251

Dan and Eric talk about Gordie Howe, Christina Grimmie, Brock Turner, Tesla, tiger sanctuary, "healthy" food, wireless headphones, lightning headphones, Kiwi, Grace VanDerWall, Steve Vai, Netflix, bingeing habits, Sunn O))), Mars Volta, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Nikita, The Conjuring 2, D-Box seating

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Episode 250

Dan and Eric talk about Muhammad Ali, Prince, Opioids, big pharma, gorillas, anger, language, Samsung, TVs, ads, Apple, iPhone 7, earbuds, WWDC, Dexter, They Look Like People

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