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Dan and Eric talk about fantasy football, volcanos, scientists, Macauley Caulkin, Kevin Spacey, Apple, routers, Apple Watch, USPS, pants, Black Panther, Philip Glass, Mandy, Silent Night Deadly Night, He's Out There, The Revenant, Cherokee Creek, Errementari: The BlackSmith and the Devil, Await Further Instructions, Elizabeth Harvest, Rush, Daughters, Air

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Dan and Eric talk about Christmas, Penny Marshall, diabetes, veterinarians, suicide, Trump, package thieves, glitter bomb, AT&T, The House That Jack Built, Terrified, Cam, Who's Watching Oliver, Malevolent, The Mummy, Bird Box, The Office, Aquaman, Rush, Dave Holland Big Band, Rachel Podger, Dave Burns

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Dan and Eric talk about coffee, Cancer, the war on truth, neti pot, Russia, Venezuela, bombers, Apple, Bedditt sleep monitor, Geezer Butler, Deadland Ritual, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Letterboxd, Shudder, Red Christmas, You Might Be The Killer, The Office, Opeth, North Atlantic Oscillation, Bela Fleck, Victor Wooten, Stuart Hamm, The House That Jack Built

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Dan and Eric talk about Dan's travels, marijuana, Cheez Balls, Trump, Sinclair Broadcast Group, China, Huawei, George H. W. Bush, Trevor Noah, Kareem Hunt, NFL, domestic violence, Alaska, earthquake, Mars, Apple, motion smoothing, Steve Wilson, Kaja Goo Goo, Tesseract, The Dark South, O.R.K., Judas Priest, Beastie Boys, BlacKkKlansman, Creed II, Widows, Christine, The Dead Zone, Eye See You, Satan's Slaves, Apartment 212, Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny, Fractured, Michael Clayton, Burn After Reading, The Meg

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Dan and Eric talk about bologna, fetuses, Stan Lee, Roy Clark, California wildfires, dolphins, horses, robocalls, microwaved turkey, lab meat, mobile browsing, Die Hard, Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum, The Clovehitch Killer, iamthemorning, Weird Al

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Dan and Eric talk about podcast equipment, shark haiku, election, Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, John Oliver, Apple, MacBook Air, iPad Pro, Mac Mini, Sorry To Bother You, Trick 'R Treat, Hell House LLC, 2001: A Space Odyssey, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, The Dark, Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil, Prodigy, Overlord, The Thing, Bohemian Rhapsody, Hereditary, Led Zeppelin, Happy Frog, The Chase, Black Hearted Boy, Garden of the Titans, Tides Of Man

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Dan and Eric talk about poo, shooting, bombs, Trump, Tim Cook, privacy, Apple, streaming, Whoop, Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis, The Shape of Water, Bad Times At The El Royale, The Haunting of Hill House, Designated Survivor, Marshmallow, The Residents, Draco Rosa, Aldo Nova, Van Halen 

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Dan and Eric talk about Paul Allen, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft, tornado alley, human cookies, extinction, rust mold, coffee, cost, Christmas music, Amazon, Kindle, Apostle, Halloween, The Lion King, The Man In The High Castle, The Haunting of Hill House, Judas Priest, Defenders Of The Faith, Bloodhound Gang, Danzig, Jaco Pastorious, Philip Glass, St. Vincent, iamthemorning

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Dan and Eric talk about punk, man card, Nikki Minaj, Brew Brees, Peyton Manning, Donald Trump, Kanye West, popular music, Taylor Swift, border tunnel, Hogan's Heroes, selling babies, Apple Watch, DuckDuckGo, Google+, social media, Itzak, Halloween, Eighth Grade, The Man In The High Castle,  Joe Rogan, Impulse, Windhand, Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats, Portugese rap, Eminem

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Dan and Eric talk about lightning, FaceID, privacy, Apple Park, LEAGO, psilocybin, fire, gender reveal parties, Banksy, Yellowstone, super volcano, NASA, fantasy football, Screentime, Friday the 13th, Victoe Miller, Adam Driver, SNL, Carbon Based Life Forms, No Sound, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Murs, Ratt, Judas Priest, Stargazer, Dream Theater, Hereditary

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Dan and Eric talk about Bill Cosby, Round Up, bees, Steak-ummm, sea lion, octopus, Brett Kavanaugh, iPhone Xs, Apple Watch, Upgrade, Hold The Dark, Bound, The Americans, King Lear, Yaz, Indian, Anathema, The Pineapple Thief

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Dan and Eric talk about Jason Ardizzone-West, Jesus Christ Superstar, Emmy, drones, Hurricane Florence, Donald Trump, gas explosions, meat sewer, alien conspiracies, iPhones, Apple Watch, scam calls, Yelp, Bob Segar and The Herd, Lucero, Laughing Hyenas, Summer of '84, The Stepfather, A Simple Favor, The Predator, Mandy, Ultimate Beastmaster, King Lear, All Quiet On The Western Front

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Dan and Eric talk about Comcast, NFL, John McCain, Burt Reynolds, Serena Williams, Colin Kaepernick, Nike, Metallica, LSD, Pepsi, quiet, Apple, Stephen King, The Outsider, John Grisham, The Whistler, Ozark, Ultimate Beastmaster, Searching, Primal Rage, Won't You Be My Neighbor?, UFO, The Nun, All or Nothing, Eminem, Tully, Cyndi Lauper

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Dan and Eric talk about Aretha Franklin, optimistic millennials,election hacking, voting, law enforcement, law enforcement, Monsanto, glyphosate, nutrition, Netflix, Amazon, cable, Alice In Chains, Metallica, Moviepass, Weird Al, Joe Rogan, Henry Rollins, The Meg, Slenderman, Halloween 5, Tower, The Howling, The Omen, Ozark, Tony McAlpine, Mr. Big, The Oh Cees, Black Flag

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Dan and Eric talk about cars, NFL, national anthem, Donald Trump, white privilege, American Airlines, air travel, Oreos, Hydrox, obesity, PFAS, water contamination, Holy Fire, Apple, MoviePass, The Matrix, Exists, The Cat From Outer Space, The Day After, Madden NFL '19, Bette Midler, Lucero, ELO, Marty Friedman, The Aristocrats

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Dan and Eric talk about 10 pink Jeeps, Colin Kaepernick, Madden NFL '19, California fires, religious liberty, whale/dolphin hybrid, Magic: The Gathering, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Card Against Humanity, CDC, reusing condoms, 3D printed guns, drunk shopping, You Were Never Really Here, Happy Gilmore, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Kidnap, First Reformed, Goliath, Luciero, Punch Brothers

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Dan and Eric talk about Angelique Kerber, Serena Williams, PEDs, Uber, vomit fraud, Tesla X, Ford, James Gunn, Sandrider, Halestorm, Starship Troopers, Halloween 4, Never Hike Alone, Unfriended: Dark Web, Gladiator, In The Mouth Of Madness, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, Supernatural, Joe Rogan

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Dan and Eric talk about ice cream, crocodiles, lions, Loch Ness Monster, bicycle shooting, Donald Trump, Amazon, Alexa, Sex toys, Tesla Model X, Netflix, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, James Gunn, The Rock, Skyscraper, A Few Good Men, Ghost Stories, Supernatural, Bob Ross, Steve Wilson

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Dan and Eric talk about Independence Day, fireworks, Jason Pierre-Paul, Wimbledon, Serena Willams, Angelique Kerber, straws, Seattle, Starbucks, Donald Trump, TSA, Flint, Elon Musk, fingernails, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, AVExcel, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, Skyscraper, Ghost Story, Jaws, Resolution, The Endless, Tau, Coco, Blockers, Saul Williams, Hired Guns 

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Dan and Eric talk about Antarctica, lava, melting ice shelf, opioids, Laura Ingalls Wilder, immigration, Donald Trump, advertising, Google, YouTube, Amazon, shredder, Whole Foods, Apple, iPhone, OLED, LG, Under Armour, The Rock, Wild Wild Country, Mad Max: Fury Road, Frenzy, The Endless, Resolution, Law & Order SVU, St. Vincent

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Dan and Eric talk about political cartoons, straws, ice coffee, Canada, marijuana, Vinnie Paul, Koko, Twitter, The Connors, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Handmaiden's Tale, The Wraith, Wild Wild Country, Led Zeppelin, Weird Al, Steve Vai

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Dan and Eric talk about Lowe's, IHOP, IHOB, Dominoes, Reggie Bush, raccoon, meditation, Donald Trump, Population Zero, Incredibles 2, Ugly Delicious, Law & Order SVU, Madonna

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Dan and Eric talk about Rosanne, Ambien, Laurie Metcalf, Lizzie Borden, Dwight Clark, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Donald Trump, Philadelphia Eagles, Butan, FBI, Hawaii, volcano, Yellowstone, wild life, Kelly Marie Tran, Apple, WWDC, iOS, MacOS, AppleTV, Dolby Atmos, Wild Wild Country, Cargo, Zodiac, Upgrade, Manhunter, Red Dragon, Hereditary, YouTube, Oneohtrix.never, Sami Bahi

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Dan and Eric talk about  dogs, ducks, wolves, dogma, Hawaii, volcano, Harvey Weinstein, Asia Argento, Rose Mcgowan, Louis CK, Marijuana, Alzheimers, diabetes, car theft, coffee waste, Twitter, Amazon, Alexa, Life of Pi, Letterboxd, Deadpool 2, Terminator 2, The Last Starfighter, Black Christmas, Whitney Cummings, The Expanse, Dark Crimes, Parliament 

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Dan and Eric talk about Hawaii, volcano, Timothy Manley, Air Force, lost weapons, Tim Horton's, poop, octopi, iPhone, Margot Kidder, Lars von Trier, PETA, Deadpool 2, MacBeth, The Prestige, The Martian, Die Hard, 4K TV, Scream Factory, Paul Weller

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Dan and Eric talk about Hawaii, volcanoes, UPS, mail fraud, leopards, big game hunting, rats, Toyota, wiring, Boy Scouts, White House Correspondent's Dinner, Michelle Wolf, Foxconn, clean water, skateboarding, mcDonald's, food, money, fitness tracking, Bill & Ted 3, Lost In Space, John Mulaney, Terrifier, Revenge, Stephanie, Wildling, Bad Samaritan

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Dan and Eric talk about the Lick Observatory, Winchester Mystery House, Ford cars, R. Lee Ermy, Harry Anderson, Vern Troyer, Bob Dorough, Michelle McNamara, Golden State Killer, Bill Cosby, Southwest, exploding engine, racism, Starbucks, plastic eating enzymes, David Copperfield, Instagram, Opportunity, iPhone, Apple Park, Flicker, Whole Foods, LG, Sony, The Expanse, Justice League, Quiet Place, Westworld, Downrange, sleep, Joe Rogan, doctors

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Dan and Eric talk about Barukas nuts, Dez Bryant, diet, nutrition, Ypsilanti scandal, Mark Zuckerberg, Dee Snider, Great Pacific garbage Patch, LG warranty service, Kevin Smith, Stan Lee, elder abuse, Rampage, Westworld, The Sone of Kemet

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Dan and Eric talk about ghosts, time, LG warranty repair, Africa splitting, condom snorting, Trump, silica gel, borders, names, NFL rules, thought reading, chess, Microsoft, Apple, Mac Pro, computing power, Black Panther, Indian cinema, Laird Hamilton, Barukas nuts, dirty dozen, clean fifteen, Pyewacket, Faith No More, Angel Dust, Wolves In The Throneroom

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Dan and Eric talk about Crossfit Ypsilanti, Secretary of State, LG warranty repair, mattresses, NFL catch rule, Stormy Daniels, Ford, car vending machines, Guitar Center, effects pedals, Fitbit Versa, Apple Pencil, iPad, Classroom, Moog software, Weird Al, Serial, Adnan Syed, Rich Roll, Zach Bush, glysophates, Monsanto, Temple Grandin, Jumanji, Spinal Tap, Ready Player One, Santa Clarita Diet

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Dan and Eric talk about Eric's TV, Dan's gym, Flint, lead poisoning, Austin bombings, toxic masculinity, Sudan, white rhino, extinction, LSD, Fox News, Facebook, Toyota, self driving cars, Uber, Dr. Coffee, Weird Al, Judas Priest, I'll Sue Ya, Faith No More, The Real Thing, Anatham, Pressure, '68, Myrkur, Tesseract, Hulu, A Handmaiden's Tale,  The Looming Tower, Melrose Place, Unsane

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Dan and Eric talk about Eric’s TV, Crossfit Ypsilanti, United, Stephen Hawking, Equifax, servers, tipping, Snopes, malfunctioning ski lift, Fitbit Versa, Apple, MacBook Air, Truth Initiative, Netflix, smoking, The Strangers: Prey At Night, Demon House, Steve Vai, Ya Yo Gaak, Jimi Hendrix, Indian

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Dan and Eric talk about cricket protein bars, fire cider, McDonald's, Monsanto, low carb diet, fake news, Hafthor Bjornsson, protein, volcano, space station, M&Ms, rechargeable batteries, iTunes LPs, Three Billboard outside Ebbing Missouri, Oscars, Thoroughbreds, Judas Priest, Firepower, Tupac, Eminem

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Dan and Eric talk about cats, sensory deprivation, coffee, LSD, protein supplements, Kevin Smith, Lin Manuel-Miranda, Weird Al, Spinal Tap, Zoysia, Soulfly, In The Line Of Fire, Game Night, Annihilation, Veronica, Mitch Murder, Crazy Lixx 

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Dan and Eric talk about Crossfit Ypsilanti, kept diet, Alicia Vikander, winter Olympics, Russia, doping, curling, hockey, Fergie, volcano, Billy Graham, Apple, float tanks, sensory deprivation, Xbox One X, Friday the 13th, Dismissed, The Ritual, Bitter:Sweet, ...And Justice For All

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Dan and Eric talk about Dan's gym, ketones, diet, kidney stones, Russia, welfare, FBI, time travel, world's spiciest ice cream, Gibson, Kiesel, Apple, HomePod, Glenn Tipton, Judas Priest, British Steel, Stained Class, Jung Fury, Michael Fassbender, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Drizzt Do'Urden, Alice Cooper, Billion Dollar Babies, The Florida Project, winter olympics, curling

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Dan and Eric talk about the Superb Owl, Winter Olympics, Quincy Jones, The Beatles, Uma Thurman, Harvey Weinstein, Quentin Tarantino, Deepfake, Pornhub, Twitter, facial recognition, Richard Pryor, Marlon Brando, kratom, ibuprofen, diet, lady Doritos, super wood, Tesla, Sea Hunter, kidney stones, HomePod, John Mahoney, The Ritual, Tragedy Girls, The Good Place, Melrose Place, Extreme, III Sides to Every Story, George Carlin, Richard Cheese, Alice In Chains, Dirt, Deep Purple, Child In Time, Slipknot, Stonesour, Dr. John, Go Go Penguin, Chemical Brothers

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And and Eric talk about Roger Federer, Carolyn Wozniacki, Denny's flamethrowers, glasses, Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump, George W. Bush, stem cells, Rose McGowan, Best Buy, CDs, turntables, Whole Foods, volcano, Mount Mayon, YouTube TV, Apple, The X Suit, Judas Priest, Firepower, Europe, Mom & Dad, Altered Carbon, Melrose Place, Winchester, Helen Mirren, Geostorm, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Sting

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Dan and Eric talk about Jack Ketchum, Naomi Parkey Fraley, Dave Holland, Joel Taylor, XFL, 50 Cent, Bitcoin, Grumpy Cat, yes, coffee, Jimmy Garopollo, Ton Brady, U.S. Gymnastics, Jumanji, The Rock, super moon, blue moon, lunar eclipse, HomePod, JBL Flip 3, YouTube, Mom & Dad, Nicolas Cage, Keanu Reeves, Melrose Place, The Americans, Radius, Colter Wall, Wolves In The Throne Room

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Dan and Eric talk about kittens, tires, health, diet, culture, Tide Pod Challenge, Rob Gronkowski, bolides meteor, I-95, cryptocurrency, The Foreigner, Thelma, Trollhunter, The Midnight Man, Electric Dreams, The End of the F$*%ing World, Ed Kemper, Joe Satriani, What Happens Next? 2wo, Rob Halford, John 5

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Dan and Eric talk about refrigerators, kittens, color magnets, Trump, Eliza Dushku, Tide Pod challenge, raw water, hawk setting fires, Amazon, Target, Apple, Netflix, CES, stripping robots, Samsung, LG, Sennheiser, Ambeo 3D sounder, Faith No More, The Real Thing, It Stains The Sand Red, Happy Hunting, Boys In The Trees, Day Of The Dead: Bloodline, Comedians IN Cars Getting Coffee, David Letterman, Steve Wilson, Eric Johnson

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