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Dan and Eric talk about the Lick Observatory, Winchester Mystery House, Ford cars, R. Lee Ermy, Harry Anderson, Vern Troyer, Bob Dorough, Michelle McNamara, Golden State Killer, Bill Cosby, Southwest, exploding engine, racism, Starbucks, plastic eating enzymes, David Copperfield, Instagram, Opportunity, iPhone, Apple Park, Flicker, Whole Foods, LG, Sony, The Expanse, Justice League, Quiet Place, Westworld, Downrange, sleep, Joe Rogan, doctors

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Dan and Eric talk about Barukas nuts, Dez Bryant, diet, nutrition, Ypsilanti scandal, Mark Zuckerberg, Dee Snider, Great Pacific garbage Patch, LG warranty service, Kevin Smith, Stan Lee, elder abuse, Rampage, Westworld, The Sone of Kemet

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Dan and Eric talk about ghosts, time, LG warranty repair, Africa splitting, condom snorting, Trump, silica gel, borders, names, NFL rules, thought reading, chess, Microsoft, Apple, Mac Pro, computing power, Black Panther, Indian cinema, Laird Hamilton, Barukas nuts, dirty dozen, clean fifteen, Pyewacket, Faith No More, Angel Dust, Wolves In The Throneroom

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Dan and Eric talk about Crossfit Ypsilanti, Secretary of State, LG warranty repair, mattresses, NFL catch rule, Stormy Daniels, Ford, car vending machines, Guitar Center, effects pedals, Fitbit Versa, Apple Pencil, iPad, Classroom, Moog software, Weird Al, Serial, Adnan Syed, Rich Roll, Zach Bush, glysophates, Monsanto, Temple Grandin, Jumanji, Spinal Tap, Ready Player One, Santa Clarita Diet

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