The Askancity Podcast
Episode 140

Dan and Eric talk about Richard Sherman, Erin Andrews, Pro Bowl, weather, NFL lip reading, Li Na, WWE streaming, AppleTV, diet, carbs, dementia, cheese, Mars, slow jam news, Mitt Romney, Justin Beiber, Dexter, social media, digital photgraphy, Katherine Isabelle, Hannibal, Star Wars VII, Harold and Kumar, Big Bad Wolves

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Episode 139

Dan and Eric talk about Ken Wisenhunt, Jim Caldwell, Rob Ryan, polar vortex, walking whales, Peyton Manning, Omaha, texter shooting, Wegmans, Kellen Winslow Jr., masturbation, Boston Market, anticipatory shipping, Best Buy, Evernote, net neutrality, Google, Nest, Golden Globes, Hayden Panetierre, fashion, E!, Gravity, Paramount, celluloid, Russel, Johnson, Devil's Due, Raze

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Episode 138

Dan and Eric talk about football, Blue Monday, successful novels, legs, Jessica Alba, online dating, population, hydrogen fuel cells, CES, Michael Bay, #D TV, Mophie iPhone cases, alligator vs. cat, coyote, 9 year old opera singer, WWE streaming TV network, internet speed, Facebook, Netflix, email, Led Zeppelin, cassettes, CB radios, MJ Preston, weather, Giant Boulder Of Deather, Turbo Dismount.

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Episode 137

Dan and Eric talk about the arctic vortex, Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning, Kansas City Cheifs, Javon Belcher, Dallas Cowboys, Chris Kluwe, UPS, internet speeds, radiation poisoning, anal intrusions, plant learning, TSA, marijuana, Apple, mobile devices, iTunes Radio, Samsung, Polaroid, Veronica Mars, Netflix, Thor:The Dark World, Saving Mr. Banks, Daemon, Freedom (TM), Canopic Jars, MJ Preston, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Spinoza's Ethics, Sly and The Family Stone, and Muscle Shoals

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