The Askancity Podcast

Dan and Eric talk about Krusty the Clown, Christmas, Xbox Live, Disneyland, Dallas Cowboys, NFL team moves, Odell Beckham Jr., Josh Gordon, Detroit Lions, playoffs, 3D printed food, speakers, Microsoft Band, heart rate monitoring, Apple Watch, police, angray old lady, The Interview, Chef, Cuban sandwhiches, Dead Snow, Dead Snow 2, Big Ass Spider!, iPhone 6 Plus.

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Episode 180

Dan and Eric talk about Nicholas Cage bedding, Rob Halford, Christmas music, NORAD, NFL urination, J.J. Watt, Cards Against Humanity, poop in a box, marijuana, Mexican drug wars, discrimination, Greenpeace, fracking, Whole Foods, Mars, U of M, Jim Harbaugh, TAG Heur, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stephen Colbert, Sony hack, Doctor Who, Nightcrawler, The Hobbit, A Walk Amongst Tombstones, The Guest, Darknet, Black Mirror

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Episode 179

Dan and Eric talk about NFL, Roger Goodell, St. Louis Rams, police, Chris Rock, racism, Stephen Colbert, helmetless football, Cards Against Humanity, poop in a box, Black Friday, Amazon, diapers, The Great Gatsby, 127 Hours, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Finding Nemo, iPhone 6, Psy, Lars von Trier, Jigsaw, Oculus, Exists, Suicidal Tendancies, Slayer, Wu Tang Clan, Weird Al, AC/DC, Public Enemy, Eminem

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Episode 178

Dan and Eric talk about U of M, Eastern Michigan, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin, Odell Beckham Jr., Ray Rice, J.J. Watt, Radio Shack, Egyptians, Han Purple, Raider Of The Lost Ark, fart pills, surround sound, blu-ray audio HBO, Church of Scientology, Matthew McConaughey, The Stand, Space Station '76, The Canal, The Babadook, Frankie Valli


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Episode 177

Dan and Eric talk about St. Jude's Give Thanks Walk, snow, Buffalo, football, NFL, Adrian Peterson, EPA, sugar, cats, Apple, Samsun, iPhone, Google, Picasa, Longmire, Netflix, Exists, Inner Demons, Jessabelle, The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, Royal Blood, Black Sabbath, Chase Holfelder, Bugs, Herman Hesse

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Episode 176

Dan and Eric talk about football, Rex Ryan, Adrian Peterson, New England Patriots, Seahawk, Bill Cosby, Dewitos, climate change, China, Obama, Net Neutrality, Bush, Clinton, nuclear weapons, comet landing, mace, holiday greetings, Judas Priest Turbo Dog, app store gamers, Apple, Fibit, Pacasa, Google, Zoolander, Evil Dead, Malificient, Jessabelle, Gone Girl, Revival, Loony Labyrinth, accordian, undwerwater gongs, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd 

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Episode 175

Dan and Eric talk abour travel, Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo, Whole 30 challenge, canola oil, rapeseed, gluten, leglized marijuana, aliens, rocket crash, FTC, FCC, ATT, the Pope, T-Pain, Andy Griffith, ApplePay, CurrentC, MS Band, Jawbone UP3, Amazon Echo, Sonos, sugar, bacon, MS Surface, Asphalt Airborne, 8, Ester Dean, Carol Kaye, Stonehearst Asylum, Exists, Extraterrestrial, Might Moves, Torment, The taking of Deborah Logan, Nightcrawler, Interstellar, Flaming Lips, Primsu, King Crimson

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Episode 174

Dan and Eric talk about Peyton Manning, DeMarco Murray, Detroit Lions, time zones, pet rituals, police, ebola, white rhinoes, John Oliver, chainsaw prank, Canadian shooting, nerve cell transplant, space noise, Hawkwind, iPhone 6 Plus, Yosemite, Slipknot, Primus, Doctor Who, Dead Snow 2, Holmes Inspection, Exists, John Wick, Bill Ford

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Episode 173

Dan and Eric talk about Percy Harvin, Herschel Walker, Dallas Cowboiys, Jimmy Johnson, 30 for 30, fusion reactor, Iron Sky, boob twerking, batteries, ebola, Steve Ballmer, Apple, iOS 8, Yosemite, FBI, Puls, Healthkit, Anonbox, MPAA, South Park, Wes Craven, Henry Rollins, Dead Snow, Gone Girl, Doctor Who, Supertnatural

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Dan and Eric talk about spiders, alligators, cocaine, clowns, death by goat, NFL, breast cancer, ebola, Apple, sapphire, GTAT, Adrian Peterson, Cloud Atlas, time, Henry Rollins, Primus, Willy Wonka, Gone Girl, Ben Affleck, Horns, Danielle Radcliff, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Prince

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Episode 171

Dan and Eric talk about Tom Brady, U of M football, FCC, blackout rules, Roger Goodell, ESPN, Bill Simmons, John Oliver, Miss America, drones, ISIS, ebola, Phil Simma, skateboarding, volcanoes, tiger attack, Danvers State Hospital, straightjackets, turtles, wlarus, untracable guns, Pay, iPod DRM, Windows 10, Marriot, Annabelle, The Blacklist, Swan, Prince

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Episode 170

Dan and Eric talk about Matthew Stafford, Chicago O'Hare airport, FAA, fire, News anchor walkoff, NPR, marijuana, Kevin Smith, Tuck, Washington Redskins, "human flesh" burgers, iPhone 6, bendgate, iOS 8, cloud backups, reading, Django Unchained, The Blacklist, cider, Comcast, Red Zone channel, Madden NFL, Smash Hit, Tomb Raider, Netflix, Crossfit, Ugly Mug

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Episode 169

Dan and Eric talk about Atlanta, rush hour traffic, the airport, Crossfit Lily, International Talk Like A Pirate Day, NFL, Roger Goodell, Adrian Peterson, over population, black ice, polar melting, artificial sweetners, werewolf cats, breeding, iPhone 6, iOS 8, social media, passwords,  Pay, U2, The Blacklist, Tusk, Britney Spears

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Dan and Eric talk about the NFL, Ray Rice, domestic violence, Adrian Peterson, corporal punishment, Roger Goodell, spy cell towers, Antonio Brown, DiGiorno, Colossus, Facebook, Amazon Fire phone, Apple, iPhone 6, Watch, Apple Pay, iPod Classic, Macworld, Bitcoin, DTE, Comcast, Joan Rivers, Mel Brooks, Microsoft, Faith No More, As Above So Below, Gaurdians of the Galaxy, The League, I Saw The Devil, Sandriders 

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Episode 167

Dan and Eric talk about Lauren Bacall,  Johnny Manziel, Le'Veon Bell, LaGarrette Blount, B.J. Raji, NFL Now, SUper Boel half time, Furgeson protests, ice bucket challenge, Dave Grohl, Patrick Stewart, grammar, CD life span, Apple, Yosemite, iMessage, iPhone 6, HealthKit, Maps, iTunes Radio, Sunn0))), Ice-T, Dungeons and Dragons, Drizzt Do'Urden, Starbuks, Mythbusters, Kevin Smith, Bhutanese stamps, death metal, Insomnia, Al Pacino, The Shield, Diablo 3, The Sopranos

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Episode 166

Dan and Eric talk about Crossfit, fleur de lis, FCC, NFL, lost Myan cities, hell gates, sharks, weight lifting, Hachett, Ferguson, MO, Lauren Bacall, Robin Williams, socail media, iPhone, iPad, Into The Storm, Lucy, At The Devil's Door, The Shield, Doctor Who, almonds, bacon sausage, Spotify

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Episode 165

Dan and Eric talk about synesthesia, sauerkraut, minimum wage fee, vomit, NFL, drones, Daniel Suarez, Kill Decision, exercises, squatting, Weird Al, sharks, Mythbusters, Jim Brady, Marilyn Burns, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Witchunter, iPhone 6, Appler, Amazon Fire phone, turtle chase, Seven, big boobs, Under The Skin, Oculus, Sunn0))), Mayhem, Colin Kaepernick, tatoos, Madden NFL 

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Episode 164

Dan and Eric talk about soccer, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Toledo, tainted Water, Ohio, NFL, Roger Goodell, Ray Rice, Josh Gordon, Dallas Cowboys, Donald Trump, Slamball, Comcast, ebola, microwave engine, Persoinal Audio, patent trolls, Adam Corolla, Amazon, Hachett, Eminem, Apple, content delivery, Kill Bill, Primus, Sharknado 2, Tara Reid, Dr. Who, Under The Skin, IT Crowd, Nick Cave, Sunn 0)))

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Episode 163

Dan and Eric talk about Ray Rice, Ricky Gervais, John Oliver, bubonic plague, ebola, penis amputagtion, hybrid fruit trees, mayflies, one inch punch, Southwest Airlines, Brroklyn bridge, Amazon, Fire phone, Verizon, Weird Al, Dr. Who, Mr. Mercedes, Under The Skin, Blazing Saddles, Lucy, Enemy, Crosby Stills and Nash, Prince

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Dan and Eric talk about Dan's new gym, eyeball eating amoeba, online storage, 4th Amendment,  Supreme court judges, Comcast, Siberian holes, Malaysian Air Flight 17, nutrition, Jennie Finch, parenting, child labor, Casey Kasem, Netflix, Verizon, Apple, IBM, Chris Kluwe, Kindle Unlimited, Snowpiercer, Judas Priest, Weird Al, audio equipment, In The Mouth Of Madness, straight jackets, True Detective, Dr. Who, and really old listener mail

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Episode 161

Dan and Eric talk about LeBron James, retaraunts, cell phones, customer service, Steven Speilberg, dinosaur hunting, Britney Spears, smallpox, grammar, Edward Snowden, NSA, D&D, AppleTV, force fields, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Redeemer of Souls, Scandal, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, poutine

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Episode 160

Dan and Eric talk about bad jokes, uptight Americans, bland food, Oreos, competative eating, rape, Colorado, marijuana, Opie & Anthony, Facebook, terms of use, Apple, iWatch, streaming music, Spotify, iTunes, LED lightbulbs, home automation, Beverly Hills Cop, Point Break, Scandal, Dog Soldiers, 13 Sins

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Episode 159

Dan and Eric talk about tennis, vampires, soccer, Hope Solo, Detroit water, Higgs Boson, existence, Delorean stretch limo, electric fish, antibiotic resistant bacteria, Harrier landing, Supreme Court decisions, Aereo, Pump Up The Volume, Google, Android One, Boston Dynamics, Android Wear, Apple, iPod Touch, Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark, Bollywood, Judas Priest, Mastodon, Smash Hit, Mr. Mercedes, The Aristocrats

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Episode 158

Dan and Eric talk abojut traffic, Tracy Morgan, craxhes, Washington Redskins, football, scalping, Jerry Jones, Amazon, Fire phone, Hachette, Apple, iBooks, Firefly object detection, Turing test hoax, House of Cards, Netflix, Chelsea Handler, John Olvier, NOS4A2, Mr. Mercedes, Dr. Who, Escape From Tomorrow, No One Lives, Almost Human, All Cheerleaders Die, The Craft, Weird All, Mandatory Fun

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Episode 157

Dan and Eric talk about tea purity, iPhone, bluetooth headphones, Chuck Noll, solutions, Tom Wheeler, John Oliver, World Cup, Dracula, carry on bags, intelligent computers, Tesla, Drangonlance, online gaming, Casey Kasem, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Orange Is The New Black, Longmire, Willow Creek, Edge of Tomorrow, Jose James, Jack White, Bob Dylan, Twilight, Judas Priest, concept albums, Derek

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Episode 156

Dan and Eric talk about time, Net Neutrality, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Amazon, Cable companies, Tracy Morgan, sharks, Apple, WWDC, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, iOS 8, Swift, Beats headphones, Lightning cables, Halfthor Bjornsson, Louis CK, Chasing The Devil, Orang Is The New Balck, trial by combat, Hannibal, Derek, Dr. Who, Echo and the Bunnymen, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin

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Episode 155

Dan and Eric talk aboyt #YesAllWomen, mental illness, Donald Sterling, Atlanta, emergency plane landing, dog poop, $8 ice cubes, Willis tower, Auburn football, Sean Lee, Apple, Beats, home automation, Spotify, streaming music, Pearl Jam, Ozzy's Boneyard, X-men, Louie, high school prank, Wolf Creek 2, Big Star, Dr. Who, Breaking Bad

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Episode 154

Dan and Eric talk about the shootings in Santa Barbara, GM recalls, stabbing, Ray Rice, UFO's, alien battle, FBI, marijuana, $60 million stadium, Netflix, Apple, Twitch, Louie, Godzilla, constrcution.

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Episode 153

Dan and Eric talk about Eric's road trip, Wegmans, lime shortage, red M&Ms, AT&T, prothesis, Casey Kasem, H. R. Giger, global warming, police, Trader Joe's, mining trucks, energy positive buildings, net neutrality, patent lawsuits, tech privacy, Beats, streaming music, Sonos wireless speakers, cassette tapes, NYC wireless network, Dean Koontz, What The Night Knows, Iron Sky, The Hobbitt, Curtis Harding, and Breaking Bad

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Episode 152

Dan and Eric talk about Nigerian kidnapping, violence without purpose, the Silverdome, prices, Donald Sterling, Snapchat, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Brian Williams, Jimmy Fallon, Emma Stone, cell phones, Samsung, MERS, execution, George Carlin, Blue Ruin, Jurassic Park 2, Volcano, Sharknado, Floor, Aerosmith, guitar solos, sea monster songs, Mastadon, Breaking Bad, NOS4A2

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Episode 151

Dan and Eric talk about Eric's vacation, severed penis, PCP, government failings, Omega Speedmaster, home theaters, Mt. Everest, sherpas, LED lights, white laundry, Gillette razors, powdered alchohol, suing dead people, bicycle fatalities, MERS, suburbs, Apple Maps, the Loch Ness monster, Shazam, Wall St., net neutrality, terrorism, Pandora, copyright law, Netflix Roulette, Amazon Prime, Gary Busey, Derek, wrestling, The Undertaker, Oculus, Under The Skin, Charon's Claw, A Dance With Dragons, Dexter 

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Episode 150

Dan and Eric talk about the iPhone, AppleTV, nudity, Flight 370, French email, Mickey Rooney, vandalism, April Fool's prank, Ultimate Warrior, wrestling, minimum wage, David Lettermen, Stephen Colbert, High school play, teaching standards, parenting, Stage Fright, Alien Abduction, Noah, Easter, Afflicted, Game of Thrones.

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Episode 149

Dan and Eric talk about Eric's birthday, LA KISS, Gene Simmons, DeSean Jackson, RGIII, Champ Bailey, Yellowstone volcano, smartass kids, Black Death, Mozilla, gay marriage, fonts, minimum wage, Windows, Amazon Fire TV, Wil Wheaton, Stephen Colbert, Davdi Letterman, Chappelle's Show, Noah, An Idiot Abroad, The Guild, Happy Camp, Kellie's Diary, Drive By Truckers, System Of A Down

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Episode 148

Dan and Eric talk about NFL, free agency, DeSean Jackson, Maurice Jone-Drew, Bad Boys, Lawrence of Arabia, 3D printed skull, McDiet, Scarlett Johansson, Under The Skin, hippos, fonts, iTunes Radio, NPR, liberals, road rage, Amazon, Sonnet MacPro rackmount, iPhone, Microsoft Office, movie theories, An Idiot Abroad, Halo 4, Wu Tang Clan, Tupac, Cheap Thrills, The Den, The Guild, Felicia Day

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Episode 147

Dan and Eric talk about NFL free agency, Michael Vick, Steve Smith, Fred Phelps, NASA fresh water, gravity, helicopter crash, long names, castaways, goats, Kawehi, Amazon video, Amazon phone, Apple, Healthbook, The Incredibles, Firefly, In Fear, Nothern Pikes, Korn, Word Up, Tool, Steve Vai, Lady Gaga, System Of A Down, Meshuggah

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Episode 146

Dan and Eric talk about NFL free agency, Madden FNL, Malaysia filght 370, NSA, Putim, Crimea, Google Fiber, anti-monster spray, graphene oxide, fresh water, DNS root zone, Audi, Fitibit, YouTube, 4k video, Amazon Prime, iTunes Radio, iOS 7.1, Pono, Escape Plan, 300, It's Alive, Mogwai, Influx, Rush

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Episode 145

Dan and Eric talk about daylight savings time, NFL, salary cap, Darren Sharper, rape, Malaysian Airlines, Ikea, giant bat, drones, internet speed, Uraguay, Babymetal, Milk Music, Spotify, Celtic Frost, Facebook, WhatApp, iMessage, FaceTime, Zite, Flipboard, Gravity, Oscars, Meryle Streep, Ellen DeGenres, Crossfit, Drive By Truckers

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Episode 144

Dan and Eric talk about Darren Sharper, anti-gay laws, NFL, chichuahuas, Bank of America, Netflix, Comcast, drone delivery, Fitibit, Taco Bell, Ben & Jerry's, pizza, Amazon, iTunes radio, Apple, Eric Cartman, Ted Nugent, AppleTV, sharks, Jaws 4, Knights of Badassdom, Gravity, Game of Thrones, The Office, Ricky Gervais.

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Episode 143

Dan and Eric talk about Ray Rice, Michael Sam, Rich Eisen, runnin loop de loop, Olympic hockey, frozen pipes, home theater equipment, Paper, tigers, snake handlers, food facts, Hot Pockets, Steve Jobs, Comcast, Netflix, headphones, Arrowhead 135, Apple, Amazon, AppleTV, Rovi, Achorman 2, Robocop, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Cluetrain Manifesto, Daniel Suarez, Influx, Pearl Jam

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Episode 142

Dand and Eric talk about Nate Burleson, Michael Sam, Ellen Page, Shirley Temple, Varidesk, samrt cats, NYC, weather, Corvette museum, sugar, Darren Sharper, crocdiles, Dumb Starbucks, snipers, Ice-T, Comcast, merger, DoJ, throttling, Apple, Squarespace, Wordpress, House of Cards, Shia Labeouf, Nymphomaniac, Lars Von Trier, Leonard Nimoy, Biggest Loser, Ender's Game, Harrison Fors, Air Force One, 30 Days of Night, Frozen, The Thing, and The Grey

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Episode 141

Dan and Eric talk anbout the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Jerry Jones, Madden NFL 25, waether, Atlanta, Ndomukong Suh, slogans, Tesla superchargners, Dungeons and Dragons, AppleTV, iPod, iPhone, Giant Boulder of Death, NFL Now, Interstellar, IMAX, You're Next, Grammys, TMZ, Best Buy, Battlefield 4, Tob Raider Definitive Edition, tumbleweed.

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Episode 140

Dan and Eric talk about Richard Sherman, Erin Andrews, Pro Bowl, weather, NFL lip reading, Li Na, WWE streaming, AppleTV, diet, carbs, dementia, cheese, Mars, slow jam news, Mitt Romney, Justin Beiber, Dexter, social media, digital photgraphy, Katherine Isabelle, Hannibal, Star Wars VII, Harold and Kumar, Big Bad Wolves

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Episode 139

Dan and Eric talk about Ken Wisenhunt, Jim Caldwell, Rob Ryan, polar vortex, walking whales, Peyton Manning, Omaha, texter shooting, Wegmans, Kellen Winslow Jr., masturbation, Boston Market, anticipatory shipping, Best Buy, Evernote, net neutrality, Google, Nest, Golden Globes, Hayden Panetierre, fashion, E!, Gravity, Paramount, celluloid, Russel, Johnson, Devil's Due, Raze

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Episode 138

Dan and Eric talk about football, Blue Monday, successful novels, legs, Jessica Alba, online dating, population, hydrogen fuel cells, CES, Michael Bay, #D TV, Mophie iPhone cases, alligator vs. cat, coyote, 9 year old opera singer, WWE streaming TV network, internet speed, Facebook, Netflix, email, Led Zeppelin, cassettes, CB radios, MJ Preston, weather, Giant Boulder Of Deather, Turbo Dismount.

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Episode 137

Dan and Eric talk about the arctic vortex, Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning, Kansas City Cheifs, Javon Belcher, Dallas Cowboys, Chris Kluwe, UPS, internet speeds, radiation poisoning, anal intrusions, plant learning, TSA, marijuana, Apple, mobile devices, iTunes Radio, Samsung, Polaroid, Veronica Mars, Netflix, Thor:The Dark World, Saving Mr. Banks, Daemon, Freedom (TM), Canopic Jars, MJ Preston, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Spinoza's Ethics, Sly and The Family Stone, and Muscle Shoals

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