The Askancity Podcast
Episode 154

Dan and Eric talk about the shootings in Santa Barbara, GM recalls, stabbing, Ray Rice, UFO's, alien battle, FBI, marijuana, $60 million stadium, Netflix, Apple, Twitch, Louie, Godzilla, constrcution.

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Episode 153

Dan and Eric talk about Eric's road trip, Wegmans, lime shortage, red M&Ms, AT&T, prothesis, Casey Kasem, H. R. Giger, global warming, police, Trader Joe's, mining trucks, energy positive buildings, net neutrality, patent lawsuits, tech privacy, Beats, streaming music, Sonos wireless speakers, cassette tapes, NYC wireless network, Dean Koontz, What The Night Knows, Iron Sky, The Hobbitt, Curtis Harding, and Breaking Bad

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Episode 152

Dan and Eric talk about Nigerian kidnapping, violence without purpose, the Silverdome, prices, Donald Sterling, Snapchat, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Brian Williams, Jimmy Fallon, Emma Stone, cell phones, Samsung, MERS, execution, George Carlin, Blue Ruin, Jurassic Park 2, Volcano, Sharknado, Floor, Aerosmith, guitar solos, sea monster songs, Mastadon, Breaking Bad, NOS4A2

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